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When the rich get richer: The dangerous economics of inequality

By Anthony Walton |
Article Justice
The poorest 50 percent of Americans are struggling with flat or falling income levels, negligible net worth, and bleak prospects. How did this happen? And what can we do about it?

Genomes 'R Us: Personalized patient medicine and the common good

By Sue Stanton |
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Guest blog

From the first minute the self-absorbed man began to shrink in the 1950’s cult movie classic The Incredible Shrinking Man, I hoped one day that in addition to zooming into space where no man had gone before, we might begin exploring the multiple universes inside our bodies. 

Undocumented failure: Why we must care for our immigrant brothers and sisters

The father, in his rage and grief, told me that this country did not care about his son who lay dying.

By Kira Dault |
Article Justice

Certain events in our lives get burned into our memories and become a part of us. Often these events happen at beginnings and endings: births and deaths. Perhaps because of the definitude of those moments, we recognize them as utterly important and crucial.

Get to know a person living in poverty

By Michael Jordan Laskey |
Article Justice
Creating a culture of encounter requires more than just organizing drives. It might even mean learning a name or two.

About 10 years ago, during a college Christmas break, I spent a couple of days with a group of classmates at a Franciscan community of priests and brothers in the South Bronx. One night we packed a van with sandwiches and a tank of hot chocolate, and a friar named Brother Giuseppe drove us down to Lower Manhattan. We parked and unloaded at a street corner where the Franciscans spend time with the homeless all year round.

Pope Francis to build showers for people experiencing homelessness in St. Peter’s Square

Sarah Butler |
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c. 2014 Religion News Service

VATICAN CITY (RNS) In his latest bid to ease the suffering of the poor—and upend the expectations of the papacy—Pope Francis plans to build showers for people who are homeless under the sweeping white colonnade of St. Peter’s Square. Three showers are to be built into refurbished public restrooms provided for Catholic pilgrims along the marble columns leading into the historic basilica, which was completed in 1626.

Clark Power on bullying and homophobia

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
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When sexual abuse and homophobia rear their ugly heads, a positive youth sports culture can be part of the solution.

Clark Power founded Play Like a Champion Today in 2006 to help provide education for coaches, parents, and athletes to create a positive youth sports environment for all children. In this web-exclusive excerpt from his interview with U.S. Catholic, Power speaks about his experience with all kinds of abuse, and how he thinks a culture of abuse can be remedied.