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Remembering St. Dymphna in a world gone mad

This virgin martyr is traditionally known as the ‘demon slayer’

By Lisa Raatikainen |
Article Your Faith

Years ago, not long after I graduated from college, my mother gifted me an assortment of patron saint medals that had belonged to my grandmother. As I fingered through the darkening silver disks, each the size of my pinky nail, the saints’ names were familiar—Christopher, Joseph, Teresa—except for one. “Saint Dymphna, pray for us,” read the print above a tiny figure, crowned and brandishing a sword.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, new mothers seek comfort in faith

To stay present while pregnant, these moms expect the unexpected.

By Katie Bahr |
Article Your Faith

For the first seven months of pregnancy, I made the same comment during every doctor’s visit: “I just want a boring pregnancy.”

The youngest of four children with several nieces and nephews, I grew up hearing stories about childbirth—from the uneventful to the near-cataclysmic. Because of these stories, I’ve always had a respectful fear of pregnancy and childbirth and the pain and dangers that can come along with them.