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The Bible through her eyes

Scripture scholar Barbara Reid says women have something powerful to offer when interpreting the Bible.

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
Article Your Faith

Scripture scholar and Dominican Sister Barbara Reid took her first Bible course when she was a junior in college. It was an elective. “I was just so amazed at how it opened up a whole world for me,” she says. “I was also a little angry and thought, ‘Why didn’t anyone ever teach me anything about the Bible?’ ” 

Being a man in the Korean American church

How can Korean American Catholic communities address the gap between men’s and women’s work?

By Hoon Choi |
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My first child was born in January and, as I hold him in my arms, I often think about how my wife and I will pass on our Catholic faith to him. However, almost immediately, my mind goes in a more negative direction. I find myself agonizing about the obstacles that he is going to face within our faith community. I wonder about how to teach my son to navigate gender roles and his own maleness within our Korean American Catholic faith community.