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Climate change: Affecting more than just the environment

By Elizabeth Lefebvre |
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Each year it seems like we learn more and more about how big of a deal climate change is. And starting today, representatives from close to 100 different countries will meet in Yokohama, Japan as part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and complete a summary to share with world leaders on just how bad the problem might become.

How does our food system affect what we eat?

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
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“We’ve gotten away from the real meaning of food, and the power of food,” Michael Pollan told us in a December 2013 interview. The famous food author has helped spur a movement encouraging people to return to using whole, real ingredients in home-cooked meals. He is known for touting a primary rule about food and eating: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

How will climate change affect the next generation?

By Kevin Clarke |
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So-called “cheap” energy sources will have a high cost for future generations.

We have been told that we live in a threshold age of energy production, an era when industrialized nations are poised to migrate from the combustion of fossil fuels to a solar- and wind-powered, renewable energy future. That has been the political assurance of the Obama administration and the appealing scenarios served up by energy futurists, even from the marketing departments of the large oil and gas corporations which today call the tune on energy policy.

Let it rain: Marymount University puts an eco-friendly spin on gardening

Online Editor |
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Students at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia worked together to construct a rain garden outside of their library. The idea took root to help reduce pollution levels in water runoff and to improve water quality on campus. Learn more in this short film about the benefits—both environmental and educational—of their unique garden.

What the earth needs now is an ethic of life

By John E. Phelan |
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Care for all human life begins with protecting our planet.

Can a global pact control the world's lethal weapons trade?

By Kevin Clarke |
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Perhaps only the global drug trade has been less scrutinized than the $70 billion annual market in conventional weapons. The world community took a significant step toward changing that situation in April when it approved the historic global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that will for the first time attempt to set limits on arms transfers between states and non-state actors.

Who is bearing the brunt of climate change?

By Kevin Clarke |
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Those least responsible for our flood of climate change concerns are bearing the brunt of the storm.

A year after the twin blows of Hurricane Irene and the great Halloween nor’easter, New Yorkers were treated to what must surely be the worst revival to ever hit the Great White Way. In painfully familiar waves, two vast storms hit town in late October and early November. The devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy went far beyond Irene’s worst, and the follow-up nor’easter a week later only added to the region’s misery as thousands endured a second week without power or heat.