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Piranhas in the Chicago River

Ecologist Reuben Keller knows that caring for the planet requires thinking beyond the environmental sciences.

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Ecologist Reuben Keller knows that caring for the planet requires thinking beyond the environmental sciences.

Trek up to Reuben Keller’s Chicago office, and you’ll likely catch a glimpse of Lake Michigan on your way. Actually, you can nearly see it from his desk. It’s a fitting location for Keller, a freshwater ecologist and assistant professor at Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability.

Jessie Dye: Befriending creation through Earth Ministry

Through her work with Earth Ministry, Jessie Dye translates faith into climate action.

By Mallory McDuff |
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Jessie Dye is rarely at a loss for words. And that’s a good thing, because she’s part of a grassroots climate movement that has no time for silence. When she testifies at public hearings, lobbies at the capitol, or preaches in sanctuaries, she often shares one phrase reflecting her very reason for being: “My name is Jessie Dye, and I am here on behalf of my faith.” 

War gone viral

Violent conflicts around the world are a breeding ground for dangerous diseases.

By Kevin Clarke |
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While the world’s focus has properly shifted to the plight of Syrian refugees pressing against Europe’s southern borders, the brutal conflict in Yemen has attracted far less attention. The conflict there, trudging into its second year, has proved a match with the Syrian civil war in terms of disregard for noncombatant immunity and wanton destruction of ancient sites and civilian infrastructure.

Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’’ is a game changer

By Dan Misleh |
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In the age of social media, something that dominates news coverage one day can soon slip our collective consciousness as coverage shifts to something new. And even as Pope Francis has brought Catholicism into the digital age, it remains true that the church thinks not in news cycles but in centuries.

Talk is cheap: Moving from speech to action when it comes to the environment

By Emily Sanna |
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What with Pope Francis’ imminent encyclical on the environment, there’s been a lot of talk about environmentalism and the importance of caring for the earth. On the news and around the Internet, people are hotly debating why exactly these issues are important, as well as the theological implications of the pope’s choice to dedicate his first encyclical to environment issues.

Catholic groups rally against climate change amid intense church debate

By David Gibson |
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(RNS) Catholic environmental groups from around the world on Wednesday (January 14) announced a new global network to battle climate change just as many Catholic conservatives are sharply criticizing Pope Francis’ campaign to put environmental protection high on the church’s agenda.

From the Wilderness Act to World Water Week

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Over the Labor Day weekend, I ventured from the concrete jungle of Chicago to my home state of Minnesota. The contrast between in my childhood home—which I fondly refer to as being in the middle of nowhere—and the big city may be shocking to some, but I’ve always found it comforting. With its lakes, prairie, rivers, and forests, Minnesota is a place to breathe.

World Environment Day: Now go outside and enjoy it

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Today’s the official day to save the planet! (Not that you shouldn’t be doing little things to help the earth out every day.)

Regardless, it’s World Environment Day and people across the globe are coming together to make a positive change for nature and the protection of Earth. This year’s theme is: Raise your voice, not the sea level!