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June 2016 Urban renewal? How vibrant neighborhoods become vacant lots
May 2016 What is spirituality? Clear your path and let your spirit unfold
April 2016 Organic habits: Why nuns are pioneering the green movement
March 2016 Sacred faces: Looking past traditional reflections of God
February 2016 Game changer: A new take on Jesuit education
January 2016 Nonprofit prophets: How women are leading the church


December 2015 Scientific Americans: There's a push for science in the classrooms. Are Catholics getting a failing grade?
November 2015 Good mourning: Have Catholic funerals lost their meaning?
October 2015 Picking up the pieces: How sex trafficking victims rebuild their lives
September 2015 Instant activism: Mobilizing the message in a digital age
August 2015 Waterproof: How New Orleans' faith endured Katrina
July 2015 Reaching the rootless: Can we better connect with Catholics on the move?
June 2015 Teaching it forward: Religious education reimagined
May 2015 When the rich get richer: The dangerous economics of inequality
April 2015 Knowing Jesus: How do Catholics experience the Son of God?
March 2015 Uncovered: Who's still not getting health insurance"
February 2015 Why teach theology? A Catholic professor on the value of studying faith
January 2015 The labor of adoption: It's a long journey to bring home a child


December 2014 The courage to forgive: Why you owe it to yourself to let go
November 2014 The healing arts
October 2014 Surviving suicide: Living with a loss like no other
September 2014 Selfie esteem: Grappling with body image in a digital age
August 2014 The good life: Mapping a meaningful retirement
July 2014 The beginning of the end of the death penalty
June 2014 Of two minds: Is the brain hardwired for faith?
May 2014 Everybody loves Francis
April 2014 Choose your own adventure: Five ways to explore your faith on vacation
March 2014 Five habits of highly effective parishes.
February 2014 How can I ever repay you? Catholic colleges and the student loan crisis
January 2014 From piety to politics: The evolution of an American sister


December 2013 Real presence: What Catholics with developmental disabilities bring to the table
November 2013 Private practices: Real prayer lives of Catholics.
October 2013 Paranormal activity: Do Catholics believe in ghosts?
September 2013 I hate to admit it: When it comes to their faith, many young adults are adopting a policy of don't ask, don't tell.
August 2013 What's my crime? Being homeless shouldn't be against the law
July 2013 Let's face it: We need a new way to talk about race
June 2013 Family matters: Do workplace policies make it harder to have kids?
May 2013 Spiritual exercises: Catholics look to other religious practices to deepen their faith
April 2013 Signing off: Special issue on the papacy of Benedict XVI
March 2013 Truth and consequences: When crime victims and offenders meet
February 2013  Inter-religious ed: Muslim students at Catholic colleges and universities
January 2013  Women's work: Special issue on women in the church


December 2012  Words fail us: Priests and parishioners respond to the new missal a year later
November 2012  So help me God: Faith and the American presidency
October 2012 Vatican 2.0: A look ahead to the next 50 years
September 2012  Conflicted generation: Millenials and the war on terror
August 2012  How I met your Father: The church's new crop of married priests
July 2012  Social justice: What's tarnishing its good name?
June 2012  Are we there yet? The sex abuse crisis at 10
May 2012  Little women: How consumer culture is forcing girls to grow up too fast
April 2012  Where 20,000 or 30,000 are gathered: Life in a megaparish
March 2012  Pride and prejudice: The uneasy relationship between gay and lesbian Catholics and their church
February 2012  Performance review: Readers rate the president's record
January 2012  Getting through?: How Catholic colleges are responding to sexual assault


December 2011  Goy meets girl: How interfaith couples make it work
November 2011  Has Hell frozen over?: Are fire and brimstone passe?
October 2011  Urban planting: Turning blight into bounty in the inner city
September 2011  Day of recollection: U.S. Catholic readers on 9/11
August 2011  Labor pains: What Wisconsin tells us about Catholic support for unions
July 2011  The parish that works: Should your church run like a business?
June 2011  They’re baaack: What’s behind the return of the exorcist
May 2011  Learn your lines: How parishes are preparing for the new Mass
April 2011  Don't be crude: It's time to end our addiction to oil
March 2011  What's right with this picture? Young Latinos take the lead
February 2011  Special issue on Catholic education: Unexcusable absence: Catholic schools recruit Hispanic students
January 2011  Femme Fidele: How women who work for the church keep the faith


December 2010  I'll be green for Christmas
November 2010  From the grounds up: Can fair trade grow beyond just coffee?
October 2010  The need for closure: When a parish shuts its doors AND Fall Book Issue
September 2010  Young adult issue: First comes love: How young couples are altering the path to marriage
August 2010  Celebrating 75 years of U.S. Catholic
July 2010  Lost in translation: Why the new Mass prayers may need further definition
June 2010  In God we trust: Make your faith an asset 
May 2010  Men of the same cloth? Parishes react to a new style of priest
April 2010  Environment issue
March 2010  Catholic Education issue
February 2010  Spring Books/Through the glass darkly: How Catholics struggle with mental illness 
January 2010  Women's issues -- the investigation into women religious