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Submitted by Ben Shafer (not verified) on

Others around me sing, not all but enough to hear them. Some of the hymns are very difficult to sing and others are just not singable. Practice before Mass is a mistake, let us continue to become familiar with the song and then we will all participate. I wish that we could chant more, it is great in our tradition.

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

Oh good grief!
1) What does that have to do with the question?
2) This is a non-debatable issue. The species are consecrated by the validly ordained priest-celebrant when he says "This is my Body" and "This is the chalice of my Blood".

Submitted by Kaylan (not verified) on

I greatly enjoy the Marian hymns and sometimes parishes will actually sing a Marian hymn on a feast day (but not always). I really miss the older songs, as it reminds me of our ancient past and traditions. When I tried to pursue religious life in my early years I met a lot of other young people and most were attracted to the Church due to the old traditions (the habit, the chant, etc.). I think if we connect with our past again and show the long and true lineage with history, it will attract others into the Faith and also perhaps into religious life. This can start simply with the music chosen at Mass. :)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Many times I find, that the musicians at Mass are performing, or appearing to perform and so parishioners tend to listen rather than join in. Musicians should keep this in mind and also spend more time teaching the hymns. Maybe we could have a mix of the beautiful traditional hymns and the new music. Too often, I find, that our parish sticks to newer music, possibly not to alienate younger parishioners. The traditional hymns are treasures. Let's sing them more often and celebrate our incredible heritage!