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How to help Haiti, Part 2

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Our managing editor, Bryan Cones, received an email from Fr. John Dear, peace activist and author, this morning informing us of a special fund that Catholic Relief Services has set up in his name. The Fr. John Dear Haiti Fund is trying to meet its goal of $50,000 through the donations of friends and family.

Even if you don't know him, you can still donate to Catholic Relief  Services. As Fr. John let us know, the organization has been in Haiti for 55 years, has at least 300 staff members there, and is one of the leading relief organizations in the country. CRS is a place to which Catholics (or anyone) can feel confident about donating.

We also receieved a message from Fr. Abella, the Claretians' Superior General, regarding Haiti this morning. The Claretians have two members there, Fr Anistus Onuoha and Fr. Beauplan.


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