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How to help Haiti

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By now, the news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti has reached most Americans. While it is a natural disaster, unrelated to the kind of social sin that keeps most Haitians oppressed by poverty, the destruction left in the wake of the earthquake should cause us to pause and think about what happens when an earthquake hits the United States. The infrastructure enjoyed by this wealthy country both prevents such devastation and provides quick relief when natural disasters strike.

With that in mind, I believe American Christians have a moral imperative to help our neighbor Haiti.

We'll be updating this page throughout the day with news and resources for how to help.

UPDATE (1/14, 9AM): The International Committee of the Red Cross has set up a list for people searching for loved ones.

UPDATE: Father Marc Boisvert, an American priest, is blogging from Haiti

UPDATE: LA fire rescue team poised to leave for Haiti

UPDATE: UN Chief in Haiti believed to be among the dead .

UPDATE: Haiti's prime minister Jean-Max Bellerive believes there are 100,000 dead.

UPDATE: Message from CRS staff in Haiti: "It is a disaster of the century"

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How to help:

Make a donation to Catholic Relief Services.

Donate your Facebook status with links to a relief agency's donation page.

Donate to Cross International

Visit for a list of ways to help .

Give an immediate donation of $10 to the Red Cross by texting  "HAITI" to "90999"  It will be charged to your cell phone bill.


Archbishop of Port-au-Prince dies.

Catholic Relief Services Headquarters will pause at noon today to pray for the people of Haiti.

Follow Catholic Relief Services on Twitter for updates: @CatholicRelief