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USC Book Club: Sister Wendy's Bible Treasury

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December 2012:

Sister Wendy's Bible Treasury: Stories and Wisdom through the Eyes of Great Painters

By Sister Wendy Beckett


What wouldn’t you give for a private tour of an art museum with Sister Wendy Beckett, the contemplative who famously charmed TV audiences with her stunning 1997 PBS series, The Story of Painting? This book brims not only with Sister Wendy’s wisdom on art but her penetrating insights into scripture as well.

“Once again,” she writes of Samson, “God is bringing good out of evil, accepting human foolishness and yet somehow still achieving his wise ends.” In Botticelli’s painting The Mystic Nativity she points out that while the ass in the stable is riveted by the birth of Jesus, the ox gazes off into the distance: “It is not being there that matters, but being aware,” says Beckett. Who could ask for a better guide?

—Catherine O'Connell-Cahill, Senior Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC

Orbis says: From the majesty of Genesis to the mystery of Revelation, journey through the Bible with Sister Wendy and some of the greatest artists of all time.

Paperback: $35.00

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