Daily links, Mon., Feb. 27, 2012: Rick Santorum--and everyone else--should give up torture for Lent

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While we were arguing about the contraception mandate, Lent apparently began. Rod Dreher offers some reflection from the Orthodox section of Christ's body.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect any fasting from campaigning with Michigan's GOP primary just a day away. But Andrew Sullivan suggests GOP candidate and Catholic Rick Santorum call a permanent fast in his support of torture. Meanwhile, Peggy Steinfels at Commonweal draws attention to the growing drumbeat toward military action in Iran, courtesy of GOP Senators Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona. Is anyone paying attention? This is a really stupid idea.

Finally, for your daily HHS mandate link, Grant Gallicho draws attention to something we noticed here in the office, too: An op-ed piece on Catholic News Service disguised as a work of journalism. Bad sign.