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Submitted by John Brower (not verified) on

How could the Latin Mass undermine the unity of the Catholic Church? If the Latin Mass were to come back, then every single church would ahve the same language in every mass again. Then no matter where in the world you went, it would be like being at your home parish again.

Yes, we would have to learn more about the language again, but that may be a fun challenge for many of us.

Submitted by Deborah Carr (not verified) on

The decisions of Vatican II led to the Mass in the languages spoken by the people... and what a joy it has been! How can we internalize the message of the Gospel if we don't understand it? How can we be united if we don't know what we're saying? I remember the Latin Mass from growing up in the 50's and 60's, and I didn't understand it then. We had to read the translation in our Missals! Now I've been to Mass in India, Italy, and France, and though I really enjoyed the minor differences, in general it was the same as in my home parish, except that I couldn't understand the individual words. I'd hate to make the Mass in my home parish the same by making it so I could no longer understand the words. If unity means that NONE of understand the Word, I'd rather not go that way!

Submitted by CarpeNoctem (not verified) on

Part of the genius of the motu Proprio is the authorization of vernacular lectionaries which essentially undermines this line of argument.

The spirit of Summorum Pontificum is the deeper expression of the first section of the GIRM and of the Council itself: continuity in the sacred liturgy through all time. The "new" Mass stands in the long line of Catholics nourished by the "old" Mass and Mass In the Byzantine tradtion and so on. Without an undetstanding of this we become either Protestants or some kind of ultra-trad schismatics.

FWIW, I would recommend that the writer of the original article go to a Byzantine liturgy with an open mind and heart (without the intention beforehand of comparison and judgment) and see what real liturgical diversity is about.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


Every Roman Catholic who thinks he (or she) knows the Catholic Church should visit an Eastern Church... We're smaller, but more numerous, and we're in full communion with Rome.

Slava Isusu Christu! Slava na Viki!
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

Submitted by MH (not verified) on

So apparently, you can't read or hear.

The readings at the extraordinary form are handed out at the door at most parishes on a pamphlet. They are also read in the vernacular while the priest is reading them silently in Latin or right before the homily.

You have weak arguments and they fail under the lightest of scrutiny.

Submitted by Limpet on Tradition! (not verified) on

Well I guess if you don't understand The Word you had better go and find a place where they only speak English and that way you can understand fully each and every word that is there in the mass and when you have done so then you can explain it to us.
Some of us maybe beginning with a four and a Half year old named Nellie Organ..
she was younger than four and a half when she received Holy communion for the first time. In all her life she received Our Lords Holy body 32 times. Now this means she was at mass at LEAST 32 times in a language that I am sure she did not know all the words nor did she understand all of them but somehow she managed to understand enough to desire to receive "Holy God" now
let me tell you -she did not attend a Eucharistic celebration' She worshiped Holy God at 'the holy sacrifice of The Mass the 'unbloody sacrifice of Calvary' She could only have known this by being told the 'truth of the faith' clearly and simply!
I can surely say she did not understand 'EVERY word'
but somehow she managed to understand enough to know that it was Holy God coming in the mass and that she must prepare properly.
Now as for 'none of understand the word'
I am guessing that you mean
'none of US understand the word?'
or maybe no-one understands the words
both of these in the context of the traditional mass
are easily over come!

Saint Nellie of Holy God
Little Violet of the blessed Sacrament Pray for us!!

Submitted by Limpet on Tradition! (not verified) on

Speaking in English to God in His Rituals we honour Who more? us? or Him?
1. you could learn Latin! 2. You could Learn the mass in English from the translation in the missal and be able to spot all the rituals and ceremonies that way you could still attend and part take- Acolytes and choir members make the responses to Jesus (the priest in persona Christi)on the altar you don't need to say a word at the EF traditional mass! So you would make no mistakes! Perfect! any other obstacles? right rite rite
Who is the mass about pleasing -you or God?
if its all about you then Novus it is
if however you are a Christocentric Christian
then it would have to be the EF Traditional Mass
its is VERY Christo centric! bowing by the priest strict rubrics wording and rituals. No room for ad hoc liturgical abuses!
unlike the Novus Ordo which perpetrates semi constant attacks on Our Lord in His Holy Person!

Submitted by Limpet on Tradition! (not verified) on

What do I mean - firstly when The Holy throne of God is thrown into an obscure corner of the Church then the laity look on and see that the Heart of the church is out of place! the Heart of Our church as catholics is the physical 'Body of Christ'! which is present in the tabernacle if this is moved then we the laity see that God has been de-throned in His OWN House! imagine the humiliation- in front of Angels Saints and demons! to think He died on a cross to be put in a side cupboard! little room off to the side and what replaces The Body of Christ in the center of the Church? the Seat of the Priest or 'president' as they are so frequently called in this day and age! Imagine the confusion of the laity who come and need to spin around looking left and right looking for Our Lord when they go to a new church. Think of the unnecessary confusion of the faithful! Now in these novus churches what do the laity see God cast aside for man to take His place in the seat of honour- woe to you who have done this!
This fosters a serious loss of faith in the Lord Our God and his Holy presence in Church by faithful the world over who see this vicious attack for what it is!
If some1 who has given their entire life to God parish decision maker can throw God in a corner then what are laity to do
I think its time for that cord Our Lord used in the temple to see the light of day again!

Cord of Jesus -purify Your Fathers House a new

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I agree with your sentiments. But 4 1/2 is bit young for communion. I think about 7 is the usual age. Around the age of reason?