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In Latin.
56% (2015 votes)
In a translation of the Latin that is as literal as possible.
28% (1019 votes)
In a translation that is in natural, easy-to-understand English.
16% (557 votes)
Total votes: 3591

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In this month&#39;s <a href="/translations">Sounding Board survey</a>, Bishop Donald W. Trautman argues that the new translation of the Missal is incomprehensible. Read about the changes and tell us how they sound to you.
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Submitted by Don R (not verified) on

All you can say about this survey is that it reflects the population of people that actually took the survey not the average Catholic. I would bet if you polled the average Catholic at Sunday mass the statistics would be completely reversed.

I am reminded of a magazine that predicted Alf Landon would win the 1936 Presidential Election in a landslide based on their survey. The readership was staunchly Republican, and the survey reflected the views of the readship. We all know that Roosevelt won in a landslide.