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In Latin.
56% (2015 votes)
In a translation of the Latin that is as literal as possible.
28% (1019 votes)
In a translation that is in natural, easy-to-understand English.
16% (557 votes)
Total votes: 3591

Thank you for taking the time to take this month's poll.

In this month's Sounding Board survey, Bishop Donald W. Trautman argues that the new translation of the Missal is incomprehensible. Read about the changes and tell us how they sound to you.

Please take our entire survey on the new translations of the Roman Missal by clicking here.

The results will appear in the July 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic. Order your copy today!

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Submitted by Don R (not verified) on

All you can say about this survey is that it reflects the population of people that actually took the survey not the average Catholic. I would bet if you polled the average Catholic at Sunday mass the statistics would be completely reversed.

I am reminded of a magazine that predicted Alf Landon would win the 1936 Presidential Election in a landslide based on their survey. The readership was staunchly Republican, and the survey reflected the views of the readship. We all know that Roosevelt won in a landslide.