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What we should do when we see someone is kill by another person . . . should we just stand there and do nothing?
Sometime we have to defend others with our own hands specially if the other person is not ready to die because his soul is in state of at least one mortal sin. By exchage our life for them, we
giving others the opportunity to repent and bring them to God.
Does God going to reject salvation to the one that gave his life.
What about: Joan of Arc. (example)
Why Jesus when He went to pray to the synagogue he got violent? (example)
*I wish a spiritual priest can answer me this question an let me know if I am wrong. Where is a priest that can show the fact regarding of this topic of Violence and Non-violence?
I hope that the opinion of us, as a Christian, be on base of thrustworthy facts. Therefore our opinion should be part of the true and not only human speculations.