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A recession survival guide

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Recession survivalHard economic times are taking a personal toll on U.S. homeowners and among the growing ranks of unemployed Americans. As some watch their retirement nest eggs crushed beneath the collapse of Wall Street markets, others are wondering simply how to pay the bills after the emerging recession propels another round of manufacturing and white collar layoffs.

We're wondering how you're coping with these tough economic conditions, how you plan to weather them, and what impact they're having on your personal or spiritual priorities. Below are some links for finding direct assistance or a just a few ideas for locating new spiritual guideposts as these difficult conditions persist.

News stories:
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Spiritual support:
Give me a sign

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From the blogs:
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Misc. resources:
The American Workplace: Economic Policy, Moral Dimensions

Interfaith Worker Justice: Unemployment and the Economic Crisis Toolkit

Can my boss do that?


Unemployment links:
National unemployment resources

The AFL-CIO unemployment guide

Career Planning help from

Get Help from Catholic Charities USA


How I'm coping with America's economic downturn