US Catholic Faith in Real Life

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22% (19 votes)
Everyone but only after purgatory
19% (16 votes)
Anybody who lives a good life
38% (33 votes)
Only those who believe in Christ
21% (18 votes)
Total votes: 86


Submitted by Norbert L Riegert (not verified) on

At age 86 I certanally have some interest and thoughts in what will happen to me when I die. Finally I have concluded that that limited as I am to 5 [failing] senses and human experiences, there is no way I am able to comprend what "heaveen" will be like. It is like me trying to explain an icecream cone to a gold fist. Or how can a mother hope that her three month fetus can comprehend what it will be like to experience human life!
I WAIT. God made me,God loves me with perfect Love, as Jesus Christ He lived and died for my eternal salvation. and He wants me to come back to Him. OK, I'M READY. WHATEVER!

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

What a sad, pitiful display of the state of the Catholic faith among the so-called Catholic visitors to this "U.S. Catholic" website.

If everybody, or anybody who lives a "good life" (whatever that means) goes to Heaven, then there is no need whatsoever for the Catholic Church.

However, Christ founded the Catholic Church exactly because it is not true that everybody, or anybody who lives a "good life" will go to Heaven. On the contrary, gaining Heaven is very difficult - it requires perfection, and this is why Jesus Christ founded His Holy Catholic Church: to help us on that difficult path towards that narrow gate thereto.

Time for Second Grade Catechism:

21. How does Jesus help all men to gain Heaven?

Jesus helps all men to gain heaven through the Catholic Church. The Church is like a ladder to Heaven. Jesus gave us only one ladder. The Church is our only way to Heaven.