US Catholic Faith in Real Life

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Submitted by maria villasenor` (not verified) on

I do believe genuine disproval and/or bemoaning of anti-catholic church discrimination is perfectly alright, anything bordering close to lashing out inturn, however, speaks poorly of the faithful charity we are called to as catholics.

Submitted by jerry (not verified) on

It's not surprising that a liberal publication with a liberal readership the term "detonating" to art "they deem offensive" is used to describe Christians defending the faith in the survey and 79 percent agree with it.

Immersing a crucifix in urine and calling it "Piss Christ" and smearing an image of the Virgin Mary with feces and pornograhic photos isn't on the face offensive to liberals. It is just what some on the fringe deem to be offensive.

Asking that tax dollars not be used to fund exibits of these "works of art" is deemed to be "detonating."

Liberal hate those the object to anti-Christian "art" more than the people who make "art."

The liberals who run U.S. Catholic would never use the word "detonating" to describe the reaction of Muslims who kill innocent Christians completely unconnected to publishing cartoons showing an images of their prophet.

The liberal cult of non-discrimination deems that all results should be equal. Christian countries are more prosperous than Muslim countries, so it must be because Christians oppressed Muslims. Anyone who defends Christianity is bad. Since Muslims are perceived poorly it must be because of discrimination, so any critical examination of Islam must not happen so as not to feed discrimination.

Liberals hypocrites describe themselves as brave for publishing things offensive to Christians, and describe themselves as tolerant for publishing anything potentially offensive to Muslims when the threat of violence is very real.

This is not new for liberals. During the cold war liberals hated anti-communists much more than the Communists who tortured and slaughtered millions of people.

Submitted by Julie Canfield (not verified) on

The thought that always runs through my mind whenever a high profile Catholic complains about a TV show, film or other artwork is "IGNORE IT! By making a stink, you're calling attention to it and making it more popular than it would have ever been if you left it alone."

Creating a controversy only feeds the flames and creates a demand to see it.