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Grade A missal? Rating the new Mass translations one year later

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The Catholic Church was abuzz last year in anticipation of the new English translation of the Roman Missal being introduced in parishes around the country. In the months leading up to the change, the feelings of the people in the pews ranged from hopeful optimism and excitement to outrage and dread. And as expected, the first few months were a rocky road as Catholics carefully studied their lines and tried to avoid slipping into the old habit of reciting the previous prayers and responses during Mass.

Now that the faithful have had nearly a year to get used to the new translation, have their feelings about the new Roman Missal changed? Has it become familiar and accepted, or is it more of an unwelcome intrusion in the lives of Catholics?

Please take our survey below and let us know what you think of the new missal as it nears its first anniversary. Results will be published in our December 2012 issue. (If you are a Catholic priest, please take this version of the survey for clergy.)

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