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Special section on the liturgy

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liturgyWith a new missal on its way, Catholics are gearing up for changes in the Mass. U.S. Catholic keeps you up to date with the latest liturgy news and explains what's behind the changes. Read previous articles on the liturgy and look for new ones as the changes are implemented.

Learn your lines

Jeff Parrott reports on how parishes are prepping for the liturgical changes coming in Advent 2011, as well as what to do if you aren't a fan of the changes. Kristen Hannum also reports on the musical preparations. (May 2011)

Changes coming to a parish near you
Find out about the 10 most obvious changes in this summary.

Mass disruption
The new translation of the liturgy will speak volumes about the church that prays it, Bryan Cones writes. (December 2010)

Incoming missal 
J. Peter Nixon explores the changes coming to a parish near you. (August 2009)

Mixed messages
Liturgical reforms endanger ecumenical relations, Lutheran liturgy scholar Maxwell E. Johnson. (August 2009)

Mass instruction
Opponents of the modern liturgy could use a history lesson, says Father Robert Taft, S.J. Overall, the liturgical reform has been a great success. (December 2009)

What a difference a Mass makes
A good liturgy draws people in, challenges them, allows them to pariticpate, and gives a sense of awe, Father Keith Pecklers, S.J. says. (May 2007)

Not just lip service
Father Robert Barron argues for reciting the Creed with more gusto. (May 2007)

Mass in the balance
Bishop Donald Trautman explains some of the changes in the liturgy that we're seeing now, along with the reasons behind them. (October 2005)
Sidebar: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Sounding Board surveys

Lost in translation
The latest translation of the Roman Missal is incomprehensible, Bishop Donald Trautman argues. (July 2010)

Two rites make a wrong
We should all be praying the Mass the same way, says Ted Rosean arguing against the Latin Mass. (August 2009)

Let my people sing
The congregation needs to share the Sunday stage with the choir, argues a preist who wants the Mass to be sung by all. Here are a number of suggestions. (December 2008)

Glad You Asked

When did we start celebrating the Mass in Latin?

When do the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ?

Can a non-Catholic receive communion?

Is it OK to clap at Mass?

The Examined Life columns on liturgy

Watch your steps
Mass could use the hard dose of reality offered by those recovering from addiction. (May 2009)

Gag order
Pumping up priesthood at the expense of lay ministry is no way to renew the church. (August 2008)

Semper ubi sub ubi
If you don't understand that, you're gonna love the new, old Latin Mass. (August 2007)

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