Only you? Shattering the myth of a soul mate

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Article Marriage and Family

Recently my friend Angela called me in tears. Angela, 31, and her husband have been married for three years, and they are very well-suited: They can spend hours talking and laughing, are attracted to each other, get along with each other's friends and families, and agree on faith, politics, and financial matters. But recently, she told me, the "glow" had worn off. They were busy with their careers, and in moments of exhaustion each said some hurtful things to the other.

How is hook-up culture affecting college students?

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Article Young Adults

In our May 2014 issue, the editors at U.S. Catholic interviewed theologian Emily Reimer-Barry, professor of theology at the University of San Diego about the messages women receive from the church. Here, she talks more about some of the challenges her students face regarding hook-up culture, and the implications for young people and the church.

Week Four: Becoming children of the light

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Article Saints, Feasts, and Seasons Spirituality Young Adults

Millennials are obsessed with authenticity. We have been raised to explore who we are and to be that person. That might be why we can’t pass up the latest Buzzfeed quiz, whether it will tell us where we should live, what career we should have, or which Christian saint or pretty little liar we most resemble. And if authenticity is the cardinal virtue of the millennial generation, hypocrisy might be the considered the ugliest vice.     

How Catholic colleges can and should help DREAMers

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Article Hispanic Catholics Immigration Social Justice Young Adults
One university president shares tips on how to welcome and support undocumented students.

My involvement with immigration reform started with one student on a bicycle in a snow storm. How else, I learned, could he get to school without a driver’s license, which was not an option for an undocumented student in Illinois in 2007? Neither was a campus job, though he was an honors student majoring in economics. He asked for my help, tentatively at first—not for himself, but for the dream of citizenship—and so it all began.

Best practices for engaging youth

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Article Parish Life Young Adults
Whether they come with tattoos and piercings or ponytails and polo shirts, youth deserve a warm welcome from the whole parish.

Is student debt reducing the number of vocations?

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Article Young Adults
Debt can become a large obstacle for students who are considering a call to religious life.

A study from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, done on behalf of the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC), found that a third of those applied to join a religious order had more than $20,000 in student debt.

How can I ever repay you?: Catholic colleges and the student loan crisis

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Article Young Adults
The blessings of a college education often come with the curse of tens of thousands in loans. Catholic colleges are helping students get their degrees without getting buried deep in debt.

This is my body: One woman's thoughts on unwanted attention

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Article Women Young Adults
Why must a woman be seen as someone’s mother or sister to deserve respect and safety on a street in India—or anywhere?

When I was 13 years old, a man in a busy marketplace grabbed me, fondled my breast, and walked away. I have never seen quite so thunderous a look on my mother’s face as I ran to her, crying. “He did what to you? Which man?” She tore down the street after him, with the fury of God’s own thunder.

How college campuses are going 'green'

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Article Environment Young Adults
At many Catholic colleges, an environmental revolution is under way: Out with the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, the reams of wasted paper, the showers that use a flood of water! In with being eco-friendly! And leading the way are the students themselves.

I hate to admit it: Why young adults are keeping their faith to themselves

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Article Young Adults
Being a practicing Catholic has become a covert operation for some young adults, who are choosing to keep their faith to themselves rather than explain the church’s public stance on certain controversial issues.