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I think we're alone now: How to keep your nest feathered when your children have flown the coop

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There are many passages in the parent-child relationship: birth, weaning from the breast or bottle, preschool or kindergarten, high school, full-time work or college, the first serious relationship, the first apartment, college graduation, earning a wage and paying bills. Each has its own mixture of pride and fear, encouragement and nostalgia.

Assisted Living

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The decline of a parent is not just a physical and financial challenge, it's a spiritual one as well.

Young at heart

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Little kids and old folks find comfort in each other’s company at an intergenerational center.

At age 3, Annie was everyone’s darling, an outgoing little imp who amused the elderly clients at the fledgling day services facility with her songs, dances, and endless prattle. The daughter of a staff member there, she was short on inhibitions, known to hop up on the lap of the wheelchair-bound clients and ask for a ride around the room.