Would you volunteer to save your marriage?

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Article Marriage and Family
Marriage enrichment is a popular topic these days.

Couples want to have the best marriages possible especially because with longer life spans we can anticipate that we will spend more years with our partner. But marriage grows and becomes richer in indirect ways. It happens while a couple is involved in projects together. You'll often hear couples married for many years say they're not sure why their particular relationship lasted while other couple's did not.

Two faiths are better than none

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Article Ecumenical & Interfaith Dialogue Marriage and Family

As they gether around the dinner table each evening, the Yala family of Oak Park, Illinois gives thanks to God in both English and Arabic. Dana bows her head and intertwines the fingers of both hands, just as she was taught as a young Catholic. Her husband, Mohamed, keeps his hands open with palms up, as he learned as a Muslim growing up in Algeria. Their daughter follows Dana's example, while their son switches from one form of sitting in prayer to the other.


"In that moment every night when we pray together we feel that we incorporate both traditions," says Dana Yala.