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Like a good neighbor: The lessons of the Good Samaritan

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The Good Samaritan points the way to a humbler, holier church.

We need more humility in the church today. It is a sad truth that these days we live in a divided church, as we do in our society in general, where deep differences prevent people of the same faith from talking to one another or even worshiping together.

The devil in the details: Sensationalizing crime

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We shouldn’t let sensationalized crime become an occasion of sin.

Travel companion: Spiritual directors can help navigate your personal journey of faith

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On the road of life, it’s helpful to have an experienced navigator in the passenger seat.

Lunch lasted almost three hours. We talked about health care, the economy, books, movies, and grandchildren. At one time this group of friends belonged to the same parish. Though times have changed, we have remained close. They are my dearest friends who have supported me through struggles, illness, and even the death of my husband.

Nevertheless, there is one area that never comes up in the conversation—my prayer life, that place where I “live and move and have my being.”

Maxed out: Spiritual cost of debt

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Kym knows exactly what broke feels like.

A few months ago she was out of work and low on hope. When it looked as though she and her two children would be evicted from their California apartment, Kym-a Catholic with multiple sclerosis and no car to get her to her local parish-went online for help.

"Please pray for us," she wrote on a Catholic online bulletin board.

She found a quick and sympathetic response-some of it coming from other Catholics who have had their own close calls with too many bills, not enough cash.

In God we trust: Faithful money management

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There is a wealth of opportunity for Catholics looking to put their money where their faith is. 

Ray Boshara fondly remembers his grandmother washing and re-using plastic sandwich baggies. Her frugality has inspired him to champion a new era of thrift and stewardship for America.

Real men pray

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The whispered prayers of a father make a lasting lesson for his daughter in this reflection from our archives.

I lie in bed thinking of the memories these walls hold. I'm visiting my parents, sleeping in my old room, and remembering a night 30 years ago just before I left home to join a religious order. I thought then that nothing would ever be the same, that the next time I returned things would be different at home and I would be different.

Om-schooled: How Yoga can influence your Catholic prayer

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Catholics can take a lesson from the Hindu tradition of yoga when it comes to praying with body, mind, and spirit.

Walking into the dark chapel, gothic arches soaring overhead and didactic glass staining the pews with jewel-toned light, I tried to calm my mind. Papers, classes, work, broken relationships, my future. The thoughts sparked in rapid succession, a finale-on-the-Fourth-of-July-show in my mind. I dropped a knee to the cold floor, blessed myself, and slumped into the nearest pew.

Rick Steves' 5 most spiritual places to travel to in Europe

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I enjoy being open to spiritual experiences while on the road, and there’s no more spiritual experience than traveling to the developing world. To be with the world’s desperate and downtrodden is to be with Christ. My expertise as a writer and guide, however, is traveling through Europe, which also offers plenty of opportunities to get close to God. Here is my guide to five places in Europe that stoke my spirit.

Look who's talking: Personal conversations with God

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What’s so odd about talking to God over a cup of coffee?

Mother without child: A Mother's Day reflection

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All women share the gift of motherhood—whether they have children or not.

I will not be attending church this Sunday, because it’s Mother’s Day, and I choose not to be present at that inevitable moment when all the mothers of the congregation are recognized.