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Resources for managing your money faithfully

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If you want to live out your faith through the spending, giving, and investing of your funds, take a look at these resources.

Spending wisely

The Next Progressive Era
Read more from Catholic Ray Boshara about the ideals of entrepreneurship, stewartship, and thrift.

Sabbath Economics
Money management from a biblical perspective

Fair trade resources from U.S. Catholic


Charitable giving: Microfinancing sites

Enhance the education of children by funding classroom-level projects.

Encourage giving by others by purchasing a gift card that allows recipients to direct $5.00 to the charity of their choice.

Give to grass-roots educational projects in the developing world; direct your dollars to specific projects, like rebuilding schools.

Lend money to entrepreneurs in a global effort to reduce poverty.

Mini Donations
Round up purchases to the nearest dollar and give the difference to selected organizations. Giving can be tracked to the penny.

Small Can Be Big
Donate directly to families on the verge of homelessness.


Socially responsible investing

Social Investment Forum

Social Funds

Calvert Foundation


Faith-centered investing

Investing for Catholics

Invest Catholic
Site for Trinity Fiduciary Paterners, which created the Epiphany Fund.

Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility

International Interfaith Investment Group

MMA Praxis (Mennonite Mutual Aid)


This article accompanies "In God we trust," which appeared in the June 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic (Vol. 75, No. 6, pages 12-16).