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Special Section: Resources for Holy Week

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After a long Lent, Holy week is finally here. Need some help getting in the spirit? Check out these resources from the U.S. Catholic archives.

Holy Thursday

I could have prayed all night
Catherine O'Connell-Cahill tells of her family's annual Holy Thursday auto rally to seven Chicago churches.

Feet first
Planning to get your Triduum off on the right foot? Or is it the left? Gabe Huck explains why Holy Thursday's washing of the feet offers a profound and gentle redirection to Resurrection.

Good Friday

For us and our salvation
Biblical scholar Father Donald Senior breaks down the passion narratives to uncover the mystery of Christ's death.

Lip service
Good Friday's once-a-year veneration of the cross is a reminder to live always in the mystery of Christ's victory over death, writes Gabe Huck.

What's so good about Good Friday?
Former U.S. Catholic editor explores the motivation behind recreating the Via Crucis.

Were you there?
A poem by Brian Doyle.

How I almost missed Good Friday
Breakfast with his daughter alerts James Philipps to the real meaning of a sacred day.

Stay with me
A mother's sorrow over the death of her child can be crushing, writes Miguel Arias, which is why even the Blessed Mother needs comforting on Good Friday.

Holy Saturday

Are we there yet?
We shouldn't skip out on Holy Saturday, says Bryan Cones. Even Jesus had to wait a while for Easter joy.

A moveable feast
There should be more in your Easter basket than chocolate bunnies, says Renée M. LaReau. If you want to celebrate Easter well, add some kielbasa and get it blessed for good measure.

Articles for reflection and prayer

Lost and found
Death and life often travel hand-in-hand on the Christian journey.

Three of a kind
Mary Ann Perga explains why she makes a point of attending all three services of the Easter Triduum, the anuual celebration of the culmination of Jesus' selfless life, death, and resurrection.

Kite rite
Oh, go fly a kite! No, really, says Elizabeth Wells. You may just find a way to make your faith soar.

For us and for our salvation?
Every year Good Friday sets the crucifixion before us, but just what does it mean to say that Jesus died for our sins? There's no single--or easy--answer, reports Heidi Schlumpf.

Famous Last Words
Seven prominent preachers from different Christian traditions challenge us with meditations on the dying Jesus' final testament--his Seven Last Words from the cross.

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