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USC Book Club: Holding God in My Hands

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Holding God in My Hands: Personal Encounters with the Divine

By Paul Wilkes

Review: Faithful readers may remember what to me was one of the most moving recent U.S. Catholic stories. In "On Call," Paul Wilkes, one of today's best Catholic writers, reflected on his experiences as a hospital eucharistic minister. Wilkes has now expanded those reflections into a wonderful book about what he calls the "serious business" of bringing God in the holy Eucharist to the sick and dying in a hospital.

Following Wilkes on his weekly volunteer rounds, the reader can't help but be touched by these profound encounters with human suffering, vulnerability, courage, and faith, as well as by the mystery of the healing comfort, grace, love, and redemption available to us all in the divine real presence. —Meinrad Scherer-Emunds, Executive Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC

Liguori Publications says: Personal stories examining the power of the Eucharist to impart healing grace, spiritual strength, and peace to communicants and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

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