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USC Book Club April 2011: The Long Yearning's End by Patrick Hannon

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The Long Yearning's End: Stories of Sacrament and Incarnation

By Patrick Hannon

Review: Many a spiritual author writes about finding God in the ordinary rhythm of daily life. Few, however, do so with the ease and lack of pretense of The Long Year's End. Reading Patrick Hannon's natural prose is like sitting at the table after dinner, talking quietly with an old friend.

Each of the seven sacraments provides the chapter heading for a trinity of short personal stories that feel familiar, as if they're our won: waiting for the city pool to open summer mornings, being small and getting lost in a busy place, and working as a teenager at McDonalds. Despite the subtitle, "Stories of Sacrament and Incarnation," these sacramental accounts are only subtly so; Hannon does not hit the reader over the head with the message that we can find God in the everyday of our personal lives. The discovery of the sacred is up to us. —Meghan Murphy-Gill, Assistant Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC

ACTA Publications says: In his third collection of tales about God's grace in everyday life, Patrick Hannon uses the seven sacraments to demonstrate God's presence in work, family, nursing homes, and ballparks.

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