U.S. Catholic Book Club: Soul Fire

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Soul Fire by Thomas Ryan, CSP

Books to foster, uncover, augment, or otherwise call forth one’s dormant creativity abound, but few are as inviting and lighthearted as Paulist Father Thomas Ryan’s <em>Soul Fire</em>. Directed to his fellow “mid-lifers,” Ryan’s book begins with his own rediscovery of his love of poetry, a gift he generously shares throughout the book. This and other stories of creativity among those in mid-life above all serve as assurances to the timid that there is little to fear and much to gain from taking a chance on creativity.

Ryan knows many of his readers may have set aside play long ago in favor of work and productivity, and so each chapter ends with questions for personal reflection and activities to access what may be dormant or even hidden. Readers will additionally appreciate Ryan’s no-pressure encouragement to let your inner artist out. —Bryan Cones, Managing Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC