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U.S. Catholic Book Club: Loving Creationg

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Loving Creation: Christian Spirituality, Earth-Centered and Just by Kathleen Fischer

Drawing on her varied experience as a spiritual director, counselor, theologian, teacher, and environmental activist, Kathleen Fischer invites Christians to discover the invaluable guidance and resources our rich spiritual tradition offers for today’s urgently needed ecological conversion.

Loving Creation combines the wisdom of biblical texts, saints, sacraments, and spiritual classics with the insights of contemporary scientists, theologians, poets, activists, and spiritual guides, as well as stories and practical suggestions for more earth-centered living. Fischer concludes her book with a prayer and plea that we discern God’s face in all of God’s creation and forge new ways of living together in God’s universe. —Meinrad Scherer-Emunds, Senior Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC

Selected discussion questions (find more):

  • Thinking of the Genesis accounts of creation, do they point toward humanity's complete control over or kinship with other creatures?
  • Thomas Berry observes, "Eventually only our sense of the sacred will save us." What does that mean to you? How can you cultivate a sense of the sacred?
  • How can a cultivation of asceticism help you to guard against being overcome by consumerism?
  • What does it mean to you that "in a dark time we begin to see"?

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