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U.S. Catholic book club: The Forgiveness Book

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Review: As Alice Camille and Paul Boudreau state in the prologue, "Forgiveness reveals itself to be not just one possible option for the future, but the only viable chance we've got to have a future." This is precisely why The Forgiveness Book, a concise reflection on the nature, challenges, and power of forgiveness, should have a broad appeal.

The challenges of forgiveness covered include: What to do with sin? Why should we forgive? How do we accept forgiveness? A story of the power of forgiveness rounds out this meditation. The authors, both frequent contributors to U.S. Catholic, readily admit that they are not experts in forgiveness, "but are among the grateful recipients of God's generous gift of it." All of us who feel the same way should spend some time with this refection.  

John Molyneux, C.M.F., Editor, U.S. Catholic

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