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Moral Failure of Europe

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A Sunday 5/23/10 New York Times article demonstrates the utter moral failure of the European secular welfare state.  The most disturbing quote of the article is from a former German foreign minister (a Green Party Leftist):

"In Europe we have nationalism and racism in a politicized manner, and those parties would have exploited grievances if not for our welfare state,” he said. “It’s a matter of national security, of our democracy.”

In other words Europeans, who have rejected God and religion have been paid off by the welfare state to be kept peaceful.  When the European Ponzi Scheme falls apart and people not rooted in the moral foundation of Christianity become angry, chaos will break out.

Europe rejected its personal responsiblity and its defenses have been propped up the the United States as it gave out more and more social benefits.  Even then, its rejection of Church teaching and artificial birth control has led to a demographic implosion that will make the Ponzi scheme and Europes illusionary cosmopolitan facade fall apart.  The selfishness of birth control manfests a spreading cancer in pubic life where a bloated public sector demands six week vacations and a generous retirement at 50. 

Despite signs of implosion in Europe that even the NY Times writes, the Catholic Left, and the secular left led by President Obama  want to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" into the European model it sees as the shining city on the hill.