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USC Book Club: Fifteen Faces of God by Michael Manning

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Fifteen Faces of God: A Quest to Know God Through the Parables of Jesus

By Michael Manning

Review: In Fifteen Faces of God, Father Michael Manning contends that the parables are a rich showcase of Jesus' creative way to show us the "faces of the Father." In 15 chapters he chooses parables that speak most clearly to him of Jesus' desire to tell us of God.

A skilled interpreter oft he parables, Manning's engaging commentary challenged me to see the parables--and God--in new ways. Perhaps more importantly though, the prayers for reflection and the questions for discussion--firmly rooted in today's reality--helped me slow down and reflect on Gods self-revelation in my own life. This book is a great resource for individual or group theological reflection.—Father John Molyneneux, C.M.F., Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC

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