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U.S. Catholic's fair trade resources

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FairtradeIf you want to bring your faith to the marketplace, fair trade is the way to go. It allows you to buy goods knowing that the producers of such goods received a just wage for their work. Here you'll find articles discussing the fair trade's prospects, arguing why to buy fair trade, and resources for doing so.




From the grounds up: The future of fair trade
Can fair trade grow beyond just coffee? Daniel Smith investigates the potential for this niche market as it enters the mainstream.

I'll be green for Christmas
Fair trade is just one way of many to celebrate the incarnation in a more just, environmentally friendly manner, argues Megan Sweas.

Will work for peace through business
Stephen Bauer puts his peace studies degree to work as a business person promoting fair-trade (or at least fairer traded) coffee, writes Heather Grennan Gary.

Video: Catholic Relief Services offers fair trade chocolate (2005)


First annual U.S. Catholic Guide to Gifts That Matter

Bring fair trade and alternative shopping home for the holidays: Find fair trade retailers and resources on charitable giving

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