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A U.S. Catholic baker's dozen

Got an opinion, get a blog seems to be the current internet ethos, but the great thing about most blogs is that the opinionating isn't limited to the blog hosts, visitors get to sound off, too. Just like every other area of interest, from cooking to sports commentary, Catholics have evolved their own blog realm where they can focus on the latest news of most interest to Catholics or share their personal stories of faith, family, or community. 

The list below offers some Catholic-centric blogs that provide a rational, nuanced discussion of the faith. The blogs listed below were selected as a few of the best samples of the larger Catholic blogosphere. From blogs written by members of the clergy to those by college students, from those concerned with living Catholicism in their own personal lives to those analyzing the finer points of papal bulls, from Catholics trying to make sense of the faith and non-Catholics trying to do the same, there should be a blog for everyone to enjoy. The blogs cover the range of the political and religious spectrum, showing a diversity of opinions that reflects the diversity of blog readers. While some of the writers may often be involved in other publications, their personal thoughts on church life remain their own. 

Naturally this list is far from comprehensive and should not be taken as an endorsement by U.S. Catholic, but we do think all are worth a look. And don't forget our own homegrown, U.S. Catholic blogs: Catholic Tastes, Margin Notes, and The Examined Life. You can find all three at

Blogs away!


Written by Sr. Anne, a Daughter of St. Paul, this blog is part of her ministry to spread the gospel through media.   She blogs every day except Sunday about daily readings, her choir ministry, and other reflections on Catholicism in her life and in the world around her.

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping

Run by a group of students who recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame, they discuss religion from an academic perspective when not mentioning their favorite bits of pop culture or poking a lot of fun at Catholicism.

With an M.A in Church history and the author of several books, Amy Welborn, a writer in the Catholic Press for the last 15 years, focuses her blog on books and writing, Catholics in the news, and other encounters with Catholicism she has in her life as a mother and a writer.

The blog of a former abortion advocate and atheist who converted to Catholicism discusses her conversion, relevant stories from her life, and her children and family. She recently published an article in America explaining her conversion, and she often responds to readers' questions about her faith journey.

Noli Irritare Leones

Run by a Quaker who was raised Episcopalian and married into a Catholic family, this blog discusses the many facets of all of these religions and other ones, as well as focusing on feminism, faith and sexuality, and the African blogging community.

A Conservative blog for peace

The author is a Catholic who follows classic liberalism but advocates small government. He focuses on primarily national and international politics.

Written by a senior editor of Faith & Family magazine, this Catholic blog focuses on the author's vocation of marriage and motherhood.

A Novice with Sisters of St. Joseph for Peace, Sister Susan Rose Francois discusses her community of sisters. She posts quotes from the founder of her ‘groovy sisters', Margaret Anna Cusack, and advocates for peace and non-violence in the world.

Catholicism, holiness and spirituality

Steve Bogner is a moderate blogger who tries to find truth between the extremes of liberals and conservatives. He focuses on Catholic Spirituality while discussing the news, politics, and social justice.

Oak leaves

Currently the pastor of a Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bill Cork spent parts of his religious life as both as a Lutheran and a Catholic before returning to the Church of his youth. His blog follows Church history, interfaith relations, and campus ministry.

A collective blog written by two Catholics, the founder, Todd, is a liturgist and musician at a University Parish, while Neil comments on theology, spirituality, and ecumenism.  Science, liturgy, home life, and sports make up much of the blog.

Rocco Palmo, a writer for several Catholic publications, including London-based The Tablet and online magazine Busted Halo, discusses the workings of the church and Vatican. He uses his "ecclesial conscience" to include the Catholic perspective in the secular world.