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USC Book Club: A Private History of Happiness

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November 2012:

A Private History of Happiness: Ninety-Nine Moments of Joy from Around the World

By George Myerson


It’s no secret that happiness is meant to be shared, and that is exactly what George Myerson has done in a big way in A Private History of Happiness. By sharing pieces of letters and diary entries spanning thousands of years and several continents, Myerson helps us glimpse small moments where people in other times and places found a bit of bliss.

Whether it’s through an outing to the park, a peaceful late-night bath, a warm welcome by the in-laws, or a shady grove on a hot day, readers will no doubt recall the times in their own lives when they have been overwhelmed with delight at simple pleasures. We can all experience joy from reading this book, taking comfort in knowing that somewhere, sometime, someone else has shared that same feeling.

Elizabeth Lefebvre, Editorial Assistant,  U.S. CATHOLIC

A Private History of HappinessBlueBridge says: A Private History of Happiness offers a fresh look at everyday moments of joy as they were lived by real people—across many centuries and from around the world—and invites us to discover the happiness in our own lives.

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