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USC Book Club: The Artist's Rule

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July 2012:

The Artist's Rule: Nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom

By Christine Valters Paintner


Unlike other books promising to unlock your creativity, the practices in The Artist’s Rule are rooted in monastic spirituality, gently encouraging the reader not to achieve more creative output, but simply to be more present.

As contemplative practices are explored, time is slowed and prayer is deepened. Creativity becomes less of a possession and more of a practice. While presented as a 12-week journey, this is a book worth revisiting for inspiration and guidance.

Meghan Murphy-Gill, Associate Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC 

The Artist's RuleAve Maria Press says: Inviting readers to discover and develop their creative gifts in a spirit of prayer and reflection, this 12-week course draws on Benedictine spirituality to explore the interplay of contemplation and creativity.

Paperback: $14.95

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