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USC Book Club: Jesus and the Emergence of a Catholic Imagination

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May 2012:

Jesus and the Emergence of a Catholic Imagination

By John Pfordresher


In this fascinating account, John Pfordresher, an English professor at Georgetown University, traces the roots of the Catholic imagination from Jesus to the arts of the West through the centuries.

His chapter on Jesus, “the poet of everyday life,” takes apart his imagination and preaching techniques: parable, analogy, irony, and the use of everyday objects and situations such as lost coins, masters and servants, vineyard owners hiring workers. The book then examines artwork found in a third-century house church in Syria, the Roman catacombs, and the famed Book of Kells in Dublin, Ireland. A fascinating tour of the images that have shaped our lives as Catholics, whether we realize it or not.   

Catherine O’Connell-Cahill, Senior Editor,U.S. CATHOLIC

Jesus and the Emergence of a Catholic ImaginationPaulist Press says: Traces the development of a Catholic way of imagining the world, from its genesis in Jesus’ teachings through the first 800 years of Christianity.

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