A little less confrontation, a little more action

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Article Ethic of Life
After more than 30 years of stalemate, some on both sides of the abortion debate are ready to put down their signs and start trying to work together.

The sky is falling. No, really.

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Article Environment Ethic of Life
Even if Kristin Shrader-Frechette's mother hadn't died of an environmentally-induced cancer at the age of 43, leaving seven children motherless in Kentucky, chances are the Notre Dame professor would still have grown up to be a dynamo researcher and scholar working for environmental justice.

Not only does she know her science-with degrees in mathematics and philosophy as well as post-doctoral work in biology, hydroecology, and economics-she is also well versed in Catholic social teaching.

Inconceivable: The spiritual test of infertility

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Article Ethic of Life Sex and Sexuality Women
God said, "Be fruitful and multiply." But millions of couples can't do that on their own, and the spiritual struggles are often as daunting as the physical and emotional ones.


New parents often describe childbirth and their part in procreation in religious, almost mystical, terms. It's a "miracle," "awesome," "glorious." Giving birth to their children is why God put them on this earth, a vocation, more important than anything else they will ever do. Some even see it as sharing in God's creative power.

So what if you were told you could never have that?