Is social justice the same as socialism?

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Article Scripture and Theology Social Justice
Lately there have been accusations that a church with a social justice mission is one that supports socialism.

Conservative TV personality Glenn Beck told Christians, "I beg you, look for the words ‘social justice' or ‘economic justice' on your church website. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. . . . If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish. Go alert your bishop."

Our health care system needs a heart transplant

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Article Ethic of Life Social Justice
And our politicians need a brain transplant. Universal health care is the most compassionate option we have, argues a Catholic doctor, and it’s the smartest, most economical solution as well.

The Congo’s killing fields

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Article Social Justice War and Peace
Families separated. Millions left for dead. Do we share some of the blame?

Patrick Mwnyamahord knows where his father is buried because a neighbor showed him that small place. What he doesn't know is how his father got there, and there was no one he could safely ask, not then. Twelve years ago he and his family made one of a series of sudden escapes from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) into nearby Burundi. On this particular exodus his father was too ill to travel and the family had to leave him.

COMMENTARY: Freedom Summer volunteers inspired by more than just idealism

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(RNS) On June 2, 1964, while hundreds of Freedom Summer volunteers were still finishing their training in Oxford, Ohio, three civil rights workers went missing in Neshoba County, Miss.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee field secretary Bob Moses was charged with leading the project that would organize poor, black Mississippians to challenge the power structure of the South and upset the Democratic National Convention.

Listen and learn: The benefits of podcasts

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Article Culture
Sometimes the best conversations happen when we keep our mouths shut and our ears open.

When was the last time you really listened? If you’re anything like me, background noise is practically a necessity, something you hear for hours and hours every day. But listening—quieting your own thoughts to experience what someone else has to say—is much rarer.

On the Fourth, setting aside the ‘I’ for ‘us’

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Article Culture Politics

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(RNS) The New York Knicks have a dilemma: Hold on to high-scoring star Carmelo Anthony, the consummate me-first ball hog, or build their future on team players.

I am hoping new coach Phil Jackson gives Anthony his walking papers. The Knicks have been a poor basketball team with Melo’s I-am-the-man selfishness. They will be better with players who know how to work as a unit.

The truth-telling power of documentaries

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Article Culture

In 2012 Sister Simone Campbell and the Catholic social justice lobby NETWORK launched the “Nuns on the Bus” tour to “live the biblical demand for social justice” and “to speak truth to power” in the name of the poor and marginalized. Campbell and her fellow sisters traveled thousands of miles by bus to call attention to programs for the poor that were under attack from budget cuts.

Is America going to pot?

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Article Culture Politics
We need to weed through the pros and cons of marijuana use before rushing into a decision on its legalization.

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Have faith in science: 'Cosmos' and conversations about religion

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Article Culture Faith and Science
If we want people to listen to us speak about God and faith, we also must learn the language of science.

When I was a kid, my cousin introduced me to Carl Sagan, the physicist-evangelist of the wonders of the universe. When it came to Sagan’s description of black holes and supernovae, quasars and comets, I was all ears. Never once did it occur to me that Sagan and science’s account of the cosmos being billions of years old conflicted with my growing Catholic faith.

Everybody loves Francis: What the pope's appeal means for the church

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Article Culture Vatican
While absent Catholics have not yet stampeded back to Mass, Pope Francis has rekindled interest in the church almost solely on the basis of his immensely attractive vision of how to live out the faith.