Is social justice the same as socialism?

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Article Scripture and Theology Social Justice
Lately there have been accusations that a church with a social justice mission is one that supports socialism.

Conservative TV personality Glenn Beck told Christians, "I beg you, look for the words ‘social justice' or ‘economic justice' on your church website. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. . . . If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish. Go alert your bishop."

Our health care system needs a heart transplant

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Article Ethic of Life Social Justice
And our politicians need a brain transplant. Universal health care is the most compassionate option we have, argues a Catholic doctor, and it’s the smartest, most economical solution as well.

The Congo’s killing fields

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Article Social Justice War and Peace
Families separated. Millions left for dead. Do we share some of the blame?

Patrick Mwnyamahord knows where his father is buried because a neighbor showed him that small place. What he doesn't know is how his father got there, and there was no one he could safely ask, not then. Twelve years ago he and his family made one of a series of sudden escapes from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) into nearby Burundi. On this particular exodus his father was too ill to travel and the family had to leave him.

'The Roosevelts' shows that truth can be better than fiction

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Article Culture
In Ken Burns’ powerful new documentary, Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor need no embellishing.

Earlier this year President Obama admitted in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that he watches the Netflix thriller House of Cards. The show follows Washington power couple Frank and Claire Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) as they scheme their way up the political ranks, all the way to the White House. 

Hollywood's hidden Christmas gems

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Article Culture Reviews Saints, Feasts, and Seasons
What makes a compelling Christmas movie—the season, the music, the characters? Maybe it is something else entirely.

A price worth paying? 'Ivory Tower' and the value of a college degree

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Article Culture Reviews Young Adults
As student loan debt surpasses U.S. credit card debt, documentaries ask the tough questions about a college education.

For at least the past 30 years, since the blue-ribbon report A Nation at Risk sounded an alarm about America’s underachieving school kids, the American middle class has been obsessed with education, from kindergarten to grad school, as the key to its children’s futures. As college tuition costs skyrocketed during those years, the high price only seemed to make the product more desirable.

Dare not to share

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Article Culture Reviews
Social media is great for keeping in touch, but some moments are more meaningful when experienced offline.

This summer I became well acquainted with the value of white noise. I quickly learned there’s nothing worse than a quiet house when you have a brand-new baby. So, we run fans. PBS is constantly playing on our TV. We never wait to run the dishwasher, and we encourage normal talking when we have visitors.

Gene Luen Yang's comic consciousness

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Article Art and Architecture Culture
An epic quest for cultural identity unfolds in the pages of Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novels.

When Pope John Paul II canonized 120 Catholics from China in 2000, a Chinese American Catholic community celebrated in San Jose, California. Graphic novel author Gene Luen Yang recalls his parish’s elation that 88 of the new saints were ethnically Chinese. “It was the first time the Catholic Church had acknowledged Chinese Catholics in this way,” he says.

Barbie as the Virgin Mary? Ken as Jesus? Italian Catholics are not amused

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Article Culture Women

c. 2014 Religion News Service

ROME (RNS) Barbie has had a number of careers in her 55 years — flight attendant, veterinarian, astronaut, even president. Her latest role, however, is raising eyebrows.

Italy’s Catholic bishops are furious about controversial artistic depictions of the popular Barbie and Ken dolls as the Virgin Mary and a crucified Jesus Christ and other saints.

All kidding aside: When humor makes us think

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Article Culture Reviews
How do comics walk the fine line between being hilarious and hurtful? It’s all in the delivery.

Earlier this year the comic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele landed on the cover of TIME with the accompanying headline, “The Case for Mockery.” In their essay, the pair behind the sketch comedy show Key & Peele charged that America had traded in its sense of humor for political correctness.