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Conversation pieces

You never know when a simple talk will alter your life.

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Americans really ought to talk more. And the opportunities for good conversations are plentiful. It just takes looking up from that screen or book. Being present to a child or loved one. Listening and being honest about yourself and who you can be.

Divisive rhetoric and hateful speech seem to have permeated all corners of modern life, and so the editors asked five writers to hare their stories of conversations that made—and still make—an enormous difference in their lives. A simple exchange of kinds words with a stranger, an impromptu conversation about God and heaven, even a stern talking to, became powerful memories that changed how these writers experience the world.

Where’s God at the very end?
By Debbie Buesing

When words fall short, a father and daughter turn to music
By Emily Sanna

Why you should talk to strangers
By Annie Logue

How one parent’s tough love made a lasting impression
By Shanna Johnson

When it comes to big questions about faith, there’s room for doubt
By Laurna Strikwerda