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I and Love and You

By Danny Duncan Collum |
The Avett Brothers (Sony, 2009)

Popular Songs

By Danny Duncan Collum |

Yo La Tengo (Matador Records, 2009)

First off, Yo La Tengo is not a salsa band. They're not even Hispanic. They are white, artsy-bohemian types in their mid-to-late 40s. The band name, which means "I have it," was what guitarist Ira Kaplan heard a Spanish-speaking New York Mets outfielder using to call a teammate off a fly ball.

Yo La Tengo is heavily identified with New York's lower Manhattan underground culture, so much so that they were chosen to portray The Velvet Undergound in an Andy Warhol bio-pic.

10 Things I Hate About Christianity

By Sarah Sharp |

By Jason Berggren (X Media, 2009)

So much for Paul's assertion to the Corinthians that "the greatest of these is love." Jason Berggren openly admits in his debut book, subtitled "Working Through the Frustrations of Faith," that hate isn't what you're supposed to feel, but he's an angry young man and he does anyway. He hates that parts of his faith don't make sense, he hates that faith takes so much work, and he hates that he wouldn't have it any other way.

A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church: Memoirs of a Catholic Archbishop

By J. Peter Nixon |

by Rembert Weakland (Eerdmans, 2009)

When Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland resigned in May 2002, he did so in the midst of a media firestorm. Earlier that month, ABC News had broadcast an interview with Paul Marcoux, who claimed that Weakland had sexually assaulted him two decades earlier. In the days that followed, the public learned that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee had paid $450,000 to Marcoux in a confidential settlement. Subsequent revelations suggesting that the relationship had been consensual did little to salvage Weakland's reputation.

District 9

By Patrick McCormick |

Directed by Neill Blomkamp (Key Creatives, 2009)

Two very different sci-fi films opened and closed Hollywood's Summer blockbuster season this year. The new Star Trek (Paramount Pictures, 2009) got things off with a bang in May, and District 9 (Key Creatives, 2009) is winding things down with a bit of a whimper this August.

Electric Dirt

By Danny Duncan Collum |

Levon Helm (Vanguard Records, 2009)

Beginning in 1969, Levon Helm, with his mates in The Band, helped save rock and roll from psychedelia and all its pomps. In a world crazed by fads and fashions, songs like "The Weight" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" sounded 100 years old.

And that was the point. The music was an amalgam of gospel, blues, and hillbilly traditions, and the high, lonesome yearning in Helm's Arkansas-bred voice provided the seal of authenticity.