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How do you feel when you fast?

كلام جميل


Submitted by Deanna Scholz (not verified) on

I am not sure I feel closer to God. What I really feel by fasting is this. Fasting makes me feel I am doing something that pleases God. Ultimately I want to know love and serve him. I offer all my prayers, works and fastings to God for the poor souls who have no one to prayer for them. My only hope is that I am not the only one trying to please God in this manner. I tell you not so anyone praises me, That I DO NOT want.
I tell you in hopes others see my intent and follow. The more we offer our prayers, works, fastings to God, the happier we will be and the more pleased God will be with us.
Just food for thought.

Submitted by AnneM (not verified) on

In response to this poll, I had to be very honest, so far this Lent, I have been struggling to honor Lent and have not been fasting or doing fasting. Because of going through a very difficult change of life, this struggle with a difficult change of life has also affected my faith life. In other words, have not kept the nearly first two weeks of Lent faithfully, and I am wondering if it is too late for me? Is there a chance for me to be able to begin again. Whoever reads this, please keep me in your prayers that I can save what is left of
Lent. Thank-you.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

typed you a reply, the site did not record it. you are in prayers. be blessed!