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Submitted by Jerry D (not verified) on

You really should not demonize people like that. Political parties that have rounded up people to put into concentration camps favored big government. I never heard of a corporation putting people into concentration camp.

Even if that is your fear, the tea party folks are not big business Republicans. Does Catholic Tea Party Candidate Marco Rubio deserve concentration camp fear mongering?

He seems positive and hopeful to me.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

If you need a ride I will be happy to accomodate

Submitted by Vince Iezzi, SFO (not verified) on

I did vote...i always vote... but lately i feel i am not being represented in congress the way the constitution says i should be. With 57% of Americans - myself included - saying no to Healthcare... congress voted for it and passed. They didnt read it...some had no idea what it contained...yet they voted for it.. i had contacted my representative and senators 5-6 times raising my objection. Their letters to me average about 16-17 times... "I" voted for this because "I" believed it was best for us. Didnt see them forego their cadillac health coverage to join what they said was good for "us"