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Submitted by Fr. Tom Aleksa (not verified) on

Of course I voted and I hope you did too. I tell my parishioners several times a year to make sure that they are registered to vote and then to vote. If you do NOT vote someone else makes the decision for you. If you don't vote you have no right to complain!!!

Submitted by Kathy Rex (not verified) on

Yes I voted today, well actually a couple of weeks ago. I vote absentee.
I must say that this election has been the worst that I can ever remember!! The negative adds and phone calls (prerecorded)have gotten out of hand.
I am so very thankful that Election Day has finally arrived. Now I can watch my TV programs without hearing about how so and so is a horrible person....Also, I will finally not get calls from people I don't know, telling me how I should vote.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I, too, am glad this day has finally arrived. My mail box has been deluged with paper. All of it goes right in the garbage. I can read and get the information about the candidates through local forums and media. I do not vote for a particular candidate who sends the most flyers or the most colorful with pictures of family and pets. I am interested in their positions on issues and I sure do not get it from these mailed, one page, glossy pieces and voter slates. What a waste! And what negativity! Pure junk! The propositions were totally confusing, "yes" means no and "no" means yes. This is done to confuse the electorate. The money poured into this election is obscene. I can understand why some opt out altogether.

Submitted by Marion Gaetano Eagen (not verified) on

Yes. I did vote. I always do and can't get over the fact that so many people don't. As far as our country's future goes, I have little hope. The run up to this election was as bad as it could have been and a harbinger of worse to come. Cooperation, statesmanship, good of the country are concepts that seem no longer viable. When the political contest never ends, the good governing never begins, which means that we can never move seriously ahead. This is bad news indeed. The world is changing rapidly, and if we can't find a way out of our current mire, we are going to be left behind. How we are going to find our way out when the senate minority leader indicates that his most important job for the next two years is making sure that our current president has only one term? Where, in the name of God, do we go from there?

Submitted by Kathleen Brossmer (not verified) on

I, too, have never failed to vote since the early 50's. Your comment about "the state of affairs" in the USA is right on target. Until our representatives return to working for the "common good" instead of themselves/their contributors/the party - our country will stay mired in greed, duplicity, immorality, and corruption.

Submitted by Joan Krebs Gle... (not verified) on

Rather than staying immersed in the obnoxious election "process" to which we've just been subjected (talk about the dignity of humanity!) I chose to respond to the other one.

I'm as hopeful about this country's future as I am about the future of this planet. That is, it's a toss up and up to each & every one of us. In my view, if we continue to claim primacy of individual rights over the common good we're doomed. If, on the other hand, we finally subscribe to the truth of a common humanity within the integrity of creation we've got a future that's worth living.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

It is only an" obnoxious election process" when liberals like you see your big government;big spenders rejected by the people .I bet it was not obnoxious when you elected Obama to the White House . [comment edited]

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

(comment deleted)U.S.Catholic the liberal censor ;like Obama ;is stifling speech with their subservience to only the liberal view.The fact that "collectives" were tried and failed under communism and those countries only prospered when individual thought was allowed can be found in any recent history explaining the collapse of communism.It makes no sense to me to have a blogger espousing a failed concept. P.S. Illinois went big time for the Republicans and sanity.

Submitted by Megan Sweas (not verified) on

Instead of blogging about this, I thought I'd just comment here. I voted this morning but wasn't so excited about it. The candidates in Illinois are less than thrilling. It's frustrating because I'm usually a person of hope--and I suppose that's because I'm a person of faith.

This article is about the Illinois governor race, but the point of it probably applies elsewhere: Criminal justice suffers at the hand of electoral politics, even as the candidates say they would never let that happen. And criminal justice is just one example of what could be many policy issues. I think this election has made me realize that I'm more a fan of policy than politics. Unfortunately you need one to get the other.

Submitted by Jim (not verified) on

Tomorrow morning we may make it across the border into Canada before we (Democrats) are rounded up onto concentration camps.