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Submitted by Dahju (not verified) on

The problem is the leadership of each side will only accept their interpretation of what should be. It is time for those of us not involved to say "enough is enough."

Both sides agree that the real number of abortions needs to be reduced. Why can't the pro-lifers be willing to accept that step in their direction. And, why can't the pro-lifers accept that addressing the reasons people seek abortions once pregnant in a rational non-emotional way can be effective. The horror stories and pictures just turn-off everyone, even supporters. Stop the use of force and let them know us by our example, not our shouts and beatings. Christ converted by example, not by force.

And, why can't the pro-choice people accept that not every step to reduce abortions is not a removal of individual freedoms. Freedom is best exercised when knowing the facts and basing a decision on the facts. Presenting scary pictures does not help. But is is also reasonable to invite a prespective mother (and father) to see the sonogram picture of their potential child. And, then to discuss rationally real options.

More later.................

Submitted by Pik (not verified) on

Those images are quite effective, I don't know what you're talking about.

Submitted by Pik (not verified) on

Abortion is murder, I think we both can agree on that.

Submitted by Grace Tomasicchio (not verified) on

Pro-life is opposite to Pro-choice.Abortion is murder. If one compromises by saying that both sides can agree to cut down on the number of abortions, then murder is acceptable in some cases! So when is it OK to murder someone?

Submitted by Fr. William G. Poole (not verified) on

The Obama administration says it wants to join in
efforts to improve conditions that tend to encourage abortion as an apparent "solution."
This includes providing more medical care and child care and parenting skills as well as encouraging adoptions and foster care. While we resolutely oppose abortion, we should at the same time co-operate in any positive plans to support and facilitate positive social solutions. Even if we fail to eliminate abortion, reduction of the number of abortions would certainly be important.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Why can't the prolife people educate the public why abortion is wrong, and reduce and stop abortion in that manner instead of all the effort put forth to change the law of the land? If they are correct, as I believe they are, people will come to see abortion as wrong by their good arguments.

Submitted by Fr. Douglas McDougal (not verified) on

"If they are correct, as I believe they are, people will come to see abortion as wrong by their good arguments."

We've been trying this ever since abortion was legalized, it hasn't worked. We need the law to end what the law has exacerbated.

Submitted by Jerry (not verified) on

Why can't you stop all theft, drug use and murder by educating the public with good arguments?

Why is it that liberals want to control just about every aspect of our lives with laws with the exception of unlimited sexual licentiousness and abortion?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

As long as we live there will be no resolution of this sad abuse of medical skills and knowledge. There are so many diversified reasons for the lack of unity regarding the murder of the uborn. Simply look at the facts that drive the issue pro and/or con: political, economic, personal, anti-abortion media and media control, personal choice, unchurched people, and those people merely without moral fortitude or understanding. This is the short list. There aren't enough pro life people willing to make the RIGHT choices to change the "flavor" or our current moral demise. May God bless us all.