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In this month's Sounding Board survey, young Catholic Angela Batie explains why she is Catholic through thick and thin. Read her reflections and share with us what you love about the church. 

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منتدى عدلات


Submitted by John Sanchez (not verified) on

Social justice is an injustice if you encourage the taking of other people's money. THAT INCLUDES SUPPORTING THE ELECTION OF POLITICIANS (SOCIALIST) THAT WILL CARRY OUT THIS EVIL FOR YOU!

Though I contribute significantly to the church, I will cease all my giving to any church that has a bunch of socialist leading and imposing their views on policy... "Good deeds alone cannot get you to heaven". Also, it's interesting to see that some of these same members don't follow church teachings regarding mass as well as issues such as abortion and homosexuality!

Submitted by IORR (not verified) on

The Rugged Individualism-Everyone For Themselves-ism celebrated by you and other American Conservatives conflicts with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Nowhere in Catholic teaching does it say that governments don't have the right to tax their citizens for the common good. In fact it says they do. The beliefs of American Conservatives have more to do with Calvinism than Catholicism. The Church identified and condemned this belief in extreme individualism as Americanism. If you disagree look it up. Do what you want with your church contributions, it's your money, but don't misrepresent the social and economic teachings of the Church. I'll refrain from saying, "If you don't agree, there's the door, become a Protestant" the way Conservative Catholics say to Catholics like me but saying that governments shouldn't tax citizens to spend money on other citizens is more Protestant than Catholic.

Submitted by John Sanchez (not verified) on

Hey iorr, never did I say not to pay taxes. Pay attention! We all have a duty to pay taxes. Unfortunately, some people aren't paying taxes. They have no self-worth when they don't pay for the defense and roads they drive on. It's the unfair taxation of the people that is wrong. 10% of income is what teachings require of us all to give to the church... It's an abomonation that the govt takes more than the church does! Through humility, sacrafice and suffering will one make it to heaven. A person can't get there by having the govt provide them with free food, healthcare, govt housing, and the govt raising there kids with subsidized child care and education! You (iorr) can see why they have no self-worth like the communist in Greece that are rioting and burning their nation. Jesus didn't condemn paying taxes, he condemn the tax collectors because they overtaxed the poor people of that time.

Submitted by IORR (not verified) on

John, I never said you are against paying taxes, but it sounds like you're against using taxes to help the poor, even poor who don't pay taxes and might have some or many of the problems you describe. Jesus didn't tell us to help only the Deserving Poor, that's a Protestant idea, we're supposed to help help the poor who are poor through no fault of their own and those who are poor through poor choices. I know that poverty is more than the absence of money. We can talk about the best way to help the poor but saying that we shouldn't use tax dollars to help them is your opinion, not the Church's. Yes they have problems in Greece and other places but people in Europeans pay a lot more in taxes and have a lot more social programs than we do and the Church isn't saying they shouldn't. Your opinion seems to be that of President Herbert Hoover, a good and decent humanitarian who did tons of charity but didn't believe in government directly helping individuals. That's not what the Church teaches. I'm not distorting Church teaching. What European governments and ours do for the poor is A-OK with the Church.

Submitted by prolifejoan (not verified) on

The Church has always condemned Socialism and Communism. The Church condemns Capitalism as well.
Free Enterprise is encouraged, and Social Justice.
We must be mindful of the poor. We must help those who are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally wounded as well.
The Chief Spiritual Works of Mercy are:
Instruct the Ignorant
Admonish the sinner
Counsel the doubtful
Comfort the Sorrowful
Bear wrongs patiently
Forgive all injuries
Pray for the Living and the Dead.

It is a good idea to continuously study what the Church is teaching before judging her as being evil.
Keep in mind that Jesus was unjustly condemned. We
need to cultivate a holy desire to always walk in His friendship, and have a deep horror of offending Him again.

A good and trustworthy place to form our consciences correctly and abide in the habit of learning the truth and love of our faith can be found at

God bless you.

Sincerely yours,
Joan h.