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The rite way to welcome new Catholics

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The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is conceptually akin to the building of a church. Further, it reminds one of the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Fueled largely by the personal experiences of faith of all involved, it multiplies graces and fills baskets with the leftovers of the experience of what it really means to be Catholic.

Let’s tailor the seamless garment

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We have stretched out the consistent ethic of life on both sides of the political debate, an activist argues. Trimming out all but the key issues would set our priorities straight.


We were a hopeful band of prolife peaceniks, venturing out one summer day in 1979 to dialogue with other folks on the left. They were demonstrating in Cincinnati against a National Right to Life Convention. We passed leaflets out to them and carried picket signs with messages such as "Anti-War=Prolife/Be Consistent!"

Make it personal

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Millions have headed for the exits without getting the best of what we have to offer.

Come one come all

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Religious education is not just for kids anymore as more parishes are including the entire family. Even Grandpa's invited. Shortly before Christmas last year, Rachel Squier, 11, of Streetsboro, Ohio announced to her parents that she thought the family should "go visit some poor people."

While Rachel's parents were pleased that their daughter was showing concern for those less fortunate, they knew a discussion was in order.

Closing arguments

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Though they agree that sometimes a parish must be closed, U.S. Catholic readers have plenty of suggestions on how the process might be improved.

Under new management

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A new pastor's offers suggestions for those preparing the parish welcome wagon.

"You must  be Father Darren. You're our new pastor!" Those were the first words uttered by a couple I had never seen in my life. They excitedly approached me with smiles, wide bug eyes, and extended hands.

Who's the Boss

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Authority seems to get a bad rap in the Catholic church. For many it comes with a negative connotation of oppression or suppression. Why is that?

There are examples of abusive authority in the history of the church that have contributed to that. But in fact, if you look at how our ancient tradition understands authority, it's not that simple. We need to place it in a larger context.