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Hispanic Catholics: Does the church speak your language?

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In a 1993 interview, Father Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J. tells U.S. Catholic about the challenges the church faces when it comes to ministering to Hispanic Catholics.  

Father Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J. warns that the US. Catholic Church is facing a pivotal moment in its history: It can begin now to serve the diverse needs of Hispanic communities, or it can stand aside and watch even more Hispanic families find new spiritual homes in other churches.

Hispanic Catholics: They don't fit into the melting pot

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Father Virgilio Elizondo gives an introduction to Hispanic culture in a 1981 interview with U.S. Catholic about Hispanic Catholics.

The Statue of Liberty invites all the tired, the poor, and the wretched of the world to enter through the "golden door" and enjoy life in the land of the free. But what happens when a group of immigrants comes in and doesn't want to blend in? Should the country force these people to Americanize or should "American" be broadened to include the Hispanic culture?

Tolerance isn't good enough for the Body of Christ

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Parishes and dioceses often miss the mark when it comes to multiculturalism, argues Carmen Aguinaco. 

"We don't have anything in Spanish or geared to the Hispanic community here. We simply don't have any Hispanics," my pastor told me. "Are the Rodriguezes, the Lopezes, and the Garcias that I know in this neighborhood Polish?" I asked.

"No; but they have been here for so long, they'd rather attend the regular Mass."

Too true to school: Seminaries and sex abuse

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The sex abuse crisis should teach us that it takes more than a seminary to raise a priest.

In the spring of my first year of college, I wrote my bishop and told him I wanted to be a priest in our East Tennessee diocese. Four months later I was in the seminary—at a Benedictine monastery on the far side of Missouri, a good 13-hour drive from the Catholics among whom I had experienced a call to serve.

Student teachers

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Adults could learn a thing or two if only they listened more when young people of different faiths get together to talk.

One recent Monday morning a Catholic youth minister called to tell me about the teen from his parish who had just attended an interfaith youth event. The girl's family life had been tragic. Her father was in prison for killing her brother, and she was experimenting with drugs. She said she wasn't interested in talking about a God she didn't believe in anymore. But her mother insisted that she go.

How to build a healthier church: An interview with Donald B. Cozzens

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"It's a zoo," sighs Father Donald B. Cozzens, who had been hoping for a quiet sabbatical to finish writing his next book. Instead, the bestselling author of The Changing Face of the Priesthood (Liturgical Press) has been patiently fielding an endless flood of calls from the national media. One day it's ABC News, the next day it's NPR, the Washington Post, or some pesky editor from U.S. Catholic!

Crisis Management: Working to make the church safe from sexual abuse

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A religion educator explains the progams aimed at preventing and detecting sexual abuse in this article from 2006.

A mother's anguish

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In an essay from 2005, one mother shares the lifetime of suffering beneath the clergy sex-abuse headlines.

I am a mother of a son who was sexually abused by our parish priest. Since the exposure of this grim period in our church, I have wondered where I went wrong. Why did I fail to protect my son from the horrifie abuse he suffered for more than four years?