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Leave no child behind: Catholic schools should accept everyone

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Editors’ note: Sounding Board is one person’s take on a many-sided subject and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of U.S. Catholic, its editors, or the Claretians.

Vatican II, Schmatican II

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In this article from 2005, Tara Dix wonders if it is time for a new agenda forty years after the close of Vatican II.

Leading up to this month's 40th anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council, this year has been filled with workshops, symposia, and whole conferences dedicated to the discussion of Vatican II, the unfinished business of Vatican II, renewing the spirit of Vatican II, and more. And all I can say is: Yawn.

Glad You Asked: Have Vatican II's teachings been fully received?

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This 2003 Glad You Asked examines an issue that still concerns many Catholics today: the various reactions to the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.

Women on a mission: We should join the "nuns" in their care for the poor

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When the church gets you down, you can always serve the poor.

From Isaiah to Economic Justice for All: A brief history of social justice

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From the saints to popes and bishops to theologians, Catholic thinkers have long made the case for social justice, tracing its origins to scriptural accounts from the Old Testament exhortations on justice to Christ’s example of love and outreach to the marginalized.

Male and Female, God created them

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Rethinking John Paul II's theology of the body.

Take it to the board: How effective are lay review boards in preventing sex abuse?

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Panels reviewing sex abuse allegations help dioceses get their houses in order, but they are only as effective as the information the bishops give them.

Jim Caccamo has a simple explanation for why he joined the lay review board for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri back in 2005: Former Bishop Raymond Boland asked him to.

“When the bishop asks you, you say yes,” says Caccamo, a lifelong Catholic and member of St. Peter’s Parish in Kansas City.

Cuban comeback: Change is on the horizon in Cuba

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Overcoming great obstacles, many Cubans are returning to the Catholic faith and helping renew the island’s church.

To this day Aldo Santos remembers with gratitude the frequent blackouts he experienced as a child in his native town of Holguín in northeast Cuba. Everyone in the neighborhood would come out of their house to gaze at the stars.

He would look up and ask his father about the moon and the planets and about a future full of dreams. He learned that even galaxies die, and it was then that he began to understand something about the end of things.