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In response to the <a href=">January 2011 special issue on women</a>, <em>U.S. Catholic</em> has invited our writers, scholars, and readers to contribute their thoughts on how they keep the faith as women in the church. Check back throughout January to read how both prominent and ordinary women answer this question. You may also share your own reflections by submitting a guest blog post (about 500 words) to <a href=""></a>.

Celebrating Mardi Gras AND International Women's Day

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In a weird confluence, the 100th International Women’s Day falls on Mardi Gras this year. We editors realized this as we ate punchkis together and titled our upcoming interview with anthropologist and former Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, on his study of American Muslims.

While we may be embracing the “fat” of “fat” Tuesday in our office, Mardi Gras has come to mean something completely different in American culture: getting drunk and flaunting sexuality, devoid of the fasting that follows.